Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive

by Raji Dhital Lamichhane

  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive
  • Let's keep Dr. Kiran alive

About the Project

On Friday July 1, 2016 the world lost Dr. Kiran Lamichhane in a tragic car accident. He was a brilliant scientist, loving husband & father, and extremely helpful colleague. Kiran leaves behind his 5-year old son, his loving wife, Raji, and their future baby, expected in August 10th.

Those that knew Kiran can attest to his commitment to the community, his ever-uplifting demeanor, and his adoration of his growing family. He was such a kind soul, and had a very pleasant and accommodating personality.

Kiran was a leader in the Nepali community at his graduate institution, the University of North Texas, where he served as President of the Nepalese Student Association. There, he connected with other organizations in DFW area where he built a very well-known standing with fellow Nepalese citizens and others. To those who had the pleasure of knowing Kiran, we remember that he always offered a kind smile and uplifting greeting even in the busiest of times.

Kiran’s reverence toward his wife and son, Aavar, were profound; he took every opportunity to introduce his family to fellow students and colleagues. He filled his life by sharing it with his family and friends. As a professional researcher, Kiran was a "brilliant scientist," and had contributed important findings to the peer reviewed scientific journals. It is with great shock and sadness that we offer our deepest condolences to the family of Dr. Kiran Lamichhane. May his soul rest in peace.

The accident is covered in many newspapers and televisions including ColumbiaTribune, abc17news,ColumbiaMissourian, HimalayanKhabar.

The candle light visil in Columbia, MO was also covered by ColumbiaTribune, abc17news, andColumbiaMissourian.

As family members and close friends of Kiran, we build this website as a platform for those who wish to help to keep Kiran alive among us through some social work like building a school in Nepal. If you have any questions please contact any of us below:

Dallas, TX Contacts:
Krishna Lamichhane (elder brother)
(+1) 214-454-0737

Dr. Rajan Rijal (friend)
(+1) 940 597 7051

Sanjaya Gurung (friend)
(+1) 806-252-3064

Minnesota Contacts:
Pankaj Timsina (friend)
(+1) 651-955-7728
2217 Edgewood Drive
Detroit Lakes, MN 56051 

Columbia,  MO Contacts:
Dr. Bhawani Prasad Mishra (friend)
Research Associate at University Missouri – Columbia
(+1) 573-529-5651

Dr. Subhash Pokharel (coworker)
ABC Labs
(+1) 626-390-6224

Badri Adhikari (friend)
University of Missouri – Columbia
(+1) 573-639-2847




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