Help Angad's liver transplant recovery in Delhi, India

by Nawaraj Shahi

New London
  • Help Angad's liver transplant recovery in Delhi, India
  • Help Angad's liver transplant recovery in Delhi, India

About the Project

This campaign is to raise funds for Angad Hamal, 54, a savior of Dolpa district, Nepal, needs support to help save his life. Hamal was admitted to BL Kapoor Memorial Hospital, Delhi, India for a liver transplant on 26th November 2015. His son, Chand Hamal was gracious enough to donate his liver and face a month’s recovery. Chand is currently regaining his health in Kathmandu while his father is struggling on his path to recovery in Delhi, India.

Hamal is my sister-in-law's uncle and is well known in my home district in Nepal. I felt it was necessary to start a fund raising campaign for his medical bills and recovery in the hospital. To many, Hamal, has always been the most kind-hearted and generous member of Dolpa. He has dedicated his life for the betterment of Dolpa, Nepal, and its people. He has helped to provide a quality education of subsistence way of living to local people and has always done everything he can to improve the quality of their lives.

He has been working as a government officer and engineer for the past 19 years. He worked all 19 years refusing to leave Dolpa, a place where people are in extreme need of generosity. Hamal founded the first and only non-profit boarding school in Dunai (District headquarter). He also founded a local project named DESERT providing employment opportunities the local people. Selflessly, he invested a majority of his life's earnings for the betterment of Dolpa’s community.

 Not only did he invest all of his wealth to Dolpa, but also the greater years of his life. His life has recently taken an unexpected turn where he needs financial support. Hamal has been fighting for his life for the last 2 months. His family does not have sufficient financial sources to pay his medical bills. The expenses of his medical bills are three times higher than originally predicted. Hamal is in a great time of need, any amount of donations would be immensely appreciated by not only Hamal and his family, but all members of the Dolpa community who deeply admire him. Thank you for your support.

'Save one saviour to be another'