Yang-Ward Foundation Charity Dinner

by Lakpa Sherpa

  • Yang-Ward Foundation Charity Dinner

About the Project

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for visiting this page. This page has been set up by the Winchester University Nepalese society to appeal for help to execute our next big project, Yang-Ward Charity Dinner, taking place in 13/12/15 at the Ridgeway Hall in Basingstoke.
The Winchester University Nepalese Society (WINNS) was first formed in 2013, from then onward the society has been growing every single day. Further, with the efforts and commitment of the entire WINNS member we have been able to successfully establish a good relationship with Yang-Ward foundation. In the past, we have executed many small projects, such as bake sales, games night, raffle and car boot sale to help Nepal Earthquake Relief, Yang-Ward Foundation and other local charities.
The main reason behind hosting this charity dinner is to increase the raise funding for the Yang-Ward Foundation, who aims to empower underprivileged women by engaging them in revenue generating activities, for e.g. cash crop production, poultry farming, animal husbandry, and pig farming, in Nepal. Please visit http://www.yangward.org/ for more great information.
Although, we have been successful with our previous projects, however with this project we are going to need some help from the general public, as this is one of the biggest projects we have taken on as a team. Granting, we have organised most of the fundamentals for this event but we are still facing a challenge covering the financial cost of the hall. Therefore, we would please like to request for you to contribute as much as you can with your generosity to help this event become successful.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support, contribution and generosity. Winchester University Nepalese Society (WINNS)




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$ 1.00 USD
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$ 1.00 USD
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My one and only winns: jai winns
$ 11.11 USD