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We are the most affordable crowdfunding platform in the crowdfunding business. Even platforms that claim to be free and charitable platforms, charge you at least 3% platform fees. Nearly every other fundraising site will charge you at least 8%. Here at FundProVo, our mission is to make sure almost all the raised funds go to the your fundraising cause. We charge ONLY 2% Platform fees. These are the LOWEST PLATFORM FEES of any crowdfunding sites.
FundProVo is EASY AND FREE to use. You PAY NOTHING out of your pocket. Platform fees and Third party charges will be deducted from the amount you raise.
Absolutely. You can raise your funds in different currencies such as US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, Australian Dollars, and UK Pounds Sterling.
Apart from FundProVo being one of the most affordable platforms, FundProVo is very user-friendly and easy to SIGN UP. FundProVo is a one-stop solution. Whether you are raising funds, looking for expert advisors, or seeking volunteers, FundProVo provides a platform to personalize your profile and projects in less than a minute, giving you tools to share your project with people across the globe.
FundProVo provides boundless opportunities for our users. Most of the people who are using FundProVo are raising money to help deserving individuals or families pay medical expenses, travel expenses, or tuition fees. Other users are raising money for start-ups, community projects, volunteer efforts, and almost any worthy cause you can imagine.
Never. Donors are charged ONLY the amount they choose to donate to your particular initiative.
You just have to email us regarding fund withdrawals. In order to maintain transparency and legitimacy, please send us a copy of your government issued ID card along with the name of your campaign and link.
Launching your initiative with FundProVo is just a beginning. We strongly recommend you share your crowdfunding initiative with your friends, family members and relatives. KEY STRATEGY: Engage, Engage, keep engaging. Keep sending updates to your supporters.
If you are raising money for non-profit based in the USA that has tax-exempt status as per IRS guidelines, your donors may be eligible to claim a tax deduction for their donation. Tax exempt status must be obtained by the non-profit recipient of funding. Because the recipients and causes are very different, we cant provide assistance regarding taxes. Please contact your local tax professional for details.
You can email us at or you can reach us by Facebook message at our official Facebook page

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