Adressing Chhaupadi at Clinton Global Initiative University

by Supun Dahal

  • Adressing Chhaupadi at Clinton Global Initiative University
  • Adressing Chhaupadi at Clinton Global Initiative University
  • Adressing Chhaupadi at Clinton Global Initiative University

About the Project

Chaupadi is an outrageous practise prevalent in Western part of Nepal where girls and women who are menstruating are forced to stay outside in a small hut or in an animal shed in the belief that they are impure. This action has led numerous reproductive health problems such as uterus prolapse and also led to rape, animal bite and deaths among women. Women during their postnatal period are also kept outside their houses along with the new born baby bringing numerous problems in growth and development of a child.                                                                                                                                             We plan to address this problem through various steps such as collaborating with schools to promote girls attendance during menstruation, taking various classes to all age groups regarding the superstition and how it should be eradicated, encoraging local government to take part, giving menstruation sanitation classes and many more.                                                                                           During this course, we have been selected by Clinton Global Initiative University to take part in a three-day program from October 13-15, 2017 at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in order to promote our project. We will have the opportunity to attend plenary sessions, working sessions, and other special events, which will enable us to network with peers, build skills, and identify potential partners. The speakers are reputed and legitimate people like Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton among others.                                                                                                                                                             Up until now, we have:   Interned at Beyond Beijing Corporation on Reproductive Rights for a month, Been a part of Women’s Ambassador Forum, Participated in Asia pacific Conference on Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Worked extensively at Chhori organization with trafficked girls, Worked to aware and help in training self-defense to the girls working in entertainment sectors, Given classes to young school girls on menstrual hygiene.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We are full time students and do not have jobs or any other sponsorship through which we could accept this extraordinary chance to participate in the program. We do not have any source of money to fund our trip, so we hope to raise maximum amount to be able to expand our horizon and get support in our cause. We will need this sponsorship to buy three two-way ticket fron Nepal to USA.

By funding us,

- You can give back to the society. - You can help young girls concentrate on their education and not on their periods. - You can encourage young girls like us adress deep issues and help the society improve.   For further details, regarding the whole proposal (our objectives for the trip, our budget spending, and others) feel free to contact us at:, or with the subject as Proposal, and we will send you the whole thing.                                                                                       We look forward to hearing from you. :)



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