Building Houses for flood victimized communities

by Leo Club of Kathmandu Down Town

  • Building Houses for flood victimized communities
  • Building Houses for flood victimized communities

About the Project

Greetings to all my passionate people who embraces strong for the flood survivors.

Support a big word to define and has a vague meaning on it. I support the term is not clear there may arise a question

How to support Whom to support

Why to support And        

When to support I support relies on the concept that we all have to do a little support to make a success. Let’s talk about a traditional concept of a family a father supports his family economically a mom looks after a child and the children study and build a confidence for the future support. Similarly, a group of youth plan a campaign known as I support. I support have given a platform for many people to support little things for a people who are in need

Secondly the people engaged on the campaigns were mostly the youth and the students Nextly with the start of the campaign the natural disaster of flood arose on our country Nepal we planned to support the family in need so we a group of students involved in the door to door collection of the clothes and foods as an immediate aid. And after a week of flood we went to that very place to support them. Actually every year the flood hits the Terai belt of Nepal as it is in southern part of a Nepal and has been playing as a bread basket of the country. Since it is plain land so the flood is a quite common but the problem there grows. the lands out there are filled with the waters the flood water destroys the houses furthermore it affects the whole area out there so it is necessary for we people to provide the help for them.


last year only we Leos collected a lot of clothes and food and drive to launiya one of the small village of a Rajbiraj which is occupied by Mushar Doom Muslims and there are around 400 houses. To whom team gave a relief material through the I support campaign. Now we dream to make a 70 houses which cost around 4,900,000 Nepalese currency ($49,000). And we have also target of meeting the target of Rs. 4,900,000 on two-month time period. Talking about the people there, there are Muslim, Mushars which are not that much financially strong to make a strong for themselves Truly grateful to the people who have donated fund for these people.

Please help to build a better Communities.



Avatar September 04, 2017
Deepak Karki
$ 20.00 USD
Avatar September 01, 2017
Samuel Collins
$ 500.00 USD