We believe that KTM Valley can be transformed into the Most Beautiful City in the planet

by Bibeksheel Nepali

  • We believe that KTM Valley can be transformed into  the Most Beautiful City in  the planet

About the Project



Bibeksheel Nepali Party has nominated 21-year-old Rajnu Darshana to run for the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the upcoming local level elections slated for May 14.

Ranju was picked after she expressed her interest to contest for Mayoral post on behalf of the party based on the party’s ‘open candidacy policy’ for the upcoming local elections, the party said in a statement on Tuesday.

Darshana is the only lady vying for mayoral post in the upcoming local polls. The party has claimed that she is the youngest candidate in Nepal’s election history.

 “Acknowledging the role of young new generation to fulfill the dream of this generation in solving the underlying local problems, we nominate Ranju,” said Bibeksheel Nepali Chairman Ujjwal Thapa.

“We also realise that the city like Kathmandu requires a highly capable team to lead and we have made necessary preparations towards that end,” Chairman Thapa said.

Ranju Darshana was born in Kathmandu and she is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Development Studies.

“I expect your support and assistance in establishing Kathamndu as the world’s most beautiful city. We can together break the old political syndicate in Kathmandu,” said Darshana in the statement.

The party has said it would soon announce its candidates for Kathmandu’s deputy mayor, ward chairperson and members.  

Ranju Darshana’s Story  

Having grown up witnessing politics mired in violence, murder and vandalism, Ranju Darshana was attracted to Bibeksheel Nepali’s non-violent stance and its way of doing politics that would not inconvenience the public. The 21-year-old first became involved with Bibeksheel Nepali Party three years ago to participate in the party’s campaign against banda (general shutdown) during the second constituent assembly elections. 

Following the anti-banda campaign, Ms. Darshana, who is currently Bibeksheel Nepali Party’s Media Department Chief as well as a central committee member, became associated with the party’s social services club and led various social programs. She was also actively involved in the relief programs after the 2015 earthquake. She headed the party’s Kathmandu District’s Executive Wing for eight months until December 2015.   

Darshana was elected as a central member at the party’s first general convention in December 2015. Frustrated with the government’s slow post-earthquake reconstruction progress, she actively participated in Bibeksheel Nepali’s month-long public awareness and pressure campaign.  

Darshana took leadership on behalf of Bibeksheel Nepali in supporting Dr. Govinda K.C.’s fight against corruption in the country’s medical education system and politics. 

Darshana was born and raised in Kathmandu. Raised by a single mother, she considers the women in her life and especially her grandmother as her source of inspiration to move ahead in life. As someone who is committed to making Nepal a prosperous nation, she is doing her undergraduate in development studies.  

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Dear Fellow Citizens,

On behalf of the entire BibekSheel family we would like to ask you for immediate help in this critical time of change. As we saw what happens when there is “right leader in the right position” in Nepal. The name, Kulman Ghising is enough to prove that our Nepal is NOT poor, but poorly managed. And what happens if we do not have the right leaders in the right positions ? Even our most beautiful Kathmandu is turned into a toxic 3rd most polluted city  “Dhulomandu” by this #Loottantra.

Why do we want to win this election?

We believe that nature has already given its best to our Kathmandu. But #Loottantra does not seem to care much. Our City deserves to be treated better than how #Loottantra is doing. The next 2 months are critical because each of us together can change all this and create a new future for our city - a future it deserves. With your active support, BibekSheel Nepali is fighting in upcoming local elections, which is happening for the first time in 20 years, to deliver the “right leadership”.History shows we can do it.In the past, we have worked with Bibeksheel (Judicious) citizens like you, especially during the Earthquake of 2015, to help save numerous lives of many earthquake-affected Nepalis. We also worked with you to root out state corruption, i.e Lokman-tantra (Loottantra). Today, we are still fighting to reform health care for all 28 million Nepalis among other campaigns.

We need to win this election because we believe that the transformation of Kathmandu into the most beautiful city is possible.

We can achieve this by:

  1. A Hassle-free, service oriented City
  2. A Pollution free, Green City
  3. A Professional-friendly, entrepreneurial City
  4. A wanderlust, energy plus city
  5. A diversity embracing, living heritage city


As we write this, hundreds of fellow enthusiastic volunteers are working day and night to help the “right leaders win” to successfully transform “Dhulomandu” into the most beautiful “Sundarmandu” by 2030! Our plan is to start by winning Kathmandu, provide the right leadership, and replicate beautiful Kathmandu to entire Nepal. Therefore, We seek your hand once again, to work together and turn Dhulomandu into Sundarmandu - “The City of Glory”.

What is the impact of every dollar of contribution?

There is no doubt, Our mission will be fuelled by the funds that you contribute.To reach out to one voter and convert them our cost is $ 0.30 [30 cents]. We plan to reach out to 100,000 voters(1 lakh). The expense will include transportation, communication, administrative cost for the election, accommodate food,and lodging needs of volunteers, literature printing and distribution etc.

With every dollar, you donate you are supporting us to reach out to approx. 3 voters.

How many voters you can sponsor to make a major impact?

If you are thinking of making a major impact you can sponsor to reach out to 3000 voters.


Lets Transform Kathmandu City into one of the World's Most Beautiful Cities.



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