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About the Project

“To be a leader is not to have a huge position. To be a leader is to see your job as a chance to inspire the world, no matter what your job is” -Robin Sharma


As a Chinese proverb says- “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.” Nepal is in dire need of capable leaders to rebuild, recover  and  resurge country from 2015 earthquake. Through this campaign,  we are starting a movement as a symbol of each individual’s support and raise funds to implement the model village concept and foster leadership during this process. Nepal needs a leadership with a sense of responsibility, accountability and creativity rather than dwelling upon politics based on hatred and violence.


  • Design a model village to uplift a community from grass root level.
  • Engage locals to rebuild their village/community by themselves, which creates a sense of belonging and ownership to their community and to achieve a milestone towards  sustainable development
  • Provide vocational trainings to the locals and empower them with skills to independently lead their community. Hence building 21st century constructive leaders to lead their own community and nation.
  • Replicate this to other villages in Nepal and eventually whole Nepal




Our main target is to come up with a model village planning solution and guide the locals starting from Dhoksan, in rebuilding their community after devastation caused by Baisakh 12th earthquake. Through this project, we want to influence people to be independent and encourage them to lead and rebuild their community by themselves - “ Hence, this project will be a model idea that could be replicated in other villages of Nepal. (Note: Idea can be replicated, but not design- since design varies based on the site) Other objectives of this project that have been considered while designing are as follows:

  • To reinvigorate the place to create a healthy community and economic stability with preserving natural resources and vernacular architecture.
  • Design self-sustained community and address long term needs of locals.
  • Connecting nearby Communities and create opportunities.
  • To accentuate local people and culture to outer world.
  • Provide a platform for locals to train and guide them on utilizing those skills.


The design idea is not just to build a village but to to uplift the community from grass root level, understanding its need and providing a model proposal for a sustainable and resilient community. The implementation of this proposal will provide the locals an opportunity to live and work in Dhoksan without need to migrate to other cities or countries.

The model village that we plan on building is one of the remote Tamang village called Dhoksan, which is also destructed by April 25th, 2015 earthquake. The amount raised from this campaign will directly go for implementation of Model Village at Dhoksan corridor. For more details please check.



We have completed the following steps so far:

  • Site Analysis : To understand the existing situation of site and to learn and understand its potential to develop it as a sustainable model village. Details
  • Component Design: produced after site analysis to portray our concept on model village at Dhoksan Details 
  • Bhukampa Karkhana[Earthquake Factory]: under operation- train, guide and Lead locals to Rebuild their own village ( #Lead2Rebuild ). Details.

For more details and updates:



 Your donation will completely be used for the rebuilding of the model village and the programs to uplift the community to convert it into a sustainable role model that will be a model village of the nation, so that its concept be replicated in the other parts of the nation.




Avatar June 19, 2016
Pradeep & Kayla Sapkota
$ 25.00 USD
Avatar June 15, 2016
Mamata Dhakal
$ 6.00 USD
Avatar June 14, 2016
Pratisha Shakya
$ 175.00 USD