(SOS) for liver disease treatments

by Nabin Tulachan

  • (SOS) for liver disease treatments

About the Project

To whom it may concern

Nabin Tulachan is a forty years old Human Right Defender/HIV activist and lives with his wife in Pokhara, Nepal. Since last 15 years, Nabin has selflessly dedicated his life for the people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) and drug users (DU) after he started his journey as a recovering drug user.  Nabin is a role model not only for the drug users and People living with HIV and AIDS but for the mankind as well. He never gave up trying to bring about positive change in his and others lives, despite all the odds in the world.  He holds a great place in the hearts of the community members—as his sheer voluntarism fused with hard work and sincerity has undisputedly prevailed great feats that has immensely served the purpose of the community, specially at times of dire crisis—as the expression goes, he has left no stone turned to save humanity and its essence.

Among the major contributions that Nabin has made for the community here are some of the most historic ones; he has been the founder member and the pillar of the free treatment care and support service system for the recovering Drug User community for over 13 years since the advent of the HIV movement in Nepal in 2003, and is currently involved in social support unit for Opioid Substitution Therapy and Hepatitis C treatment for Drug users (both Mono and Co-infected with HIV). During this time he has enabled close to 75% of Drug Users in Pokhara district access to Free ARV and Drug Treatment. He is well known personality in the community and has a strong networking with different organizations such as INF Paluwa, Naya Goreto, Manish Care Foundation, Community Support Group, as well as Mothers Group of Pokhara, very few HIV positive Drug Users will not have heard of Nabin.

Nabin has developed an advanced Cardio Pulmonary Hypertension since last couple of years and is getting worse by the day. Right now, Doctors have declared his disease to be in stage IV and is supposed to be the last stage—he is fighting for his life in Manipal Hospital at Pokhara. The realization of the cruel irony that for someone who has helped save so many other lives through free treatment,  is now in need himself.

Nabin is in need of an in kind donation to purchase a medication (epoprostenol sodium) which is currently unavailable in Nepal or India. However, we have made a provision to procure the medicine from abroad through our international colleagues.   After, acquiring this medication, the promise of health for Nabin is excellent, but may remain just a promise from a cost perspective—which could be around $1500 to $5000 per month. With this medication, Nabin has a good chance of improved condition and survival over 5 years, without it he does not have much time at all since he is already bedridden.

We are dedicated to find a way, forward to save his life. Currently, along with us, NAP+N and Recovering Nepal is also supporting coordination to help save his life, as his condition has now become a dire issue in the PLHIV and IDU community Nationally in Nepal. We hereby make this appeal to support us to help save the life of one of our key health rights defenders of PLHIV and IDU community in Nepal. Losing him would invariably affect our PLHIV community and his family and friends to whom he has always given.


Thanking you.


Yours sincerely,

 Apurva and Nepal Fellowship





Avatar December 21, 2016
$ 1,000.00 USD
Avatar December 21, 2016
Christiane Schmidt
$ 80.00 USD
Avatar December 20, 2016
Bernd Schulte
$ 50.00 USD
Avatar December 19, 2016
Uwe Verthein
$ 50.00 USD
Avatar December 15, 2016
$ 30.00 USD
Avatar December 15, 2016
Sven Buth
$ 30.00 USD
Avatar October 16, 2016
George Farnbacher
$ 300.00 USD
Avatar October 15, 2016
Kalpna Gurung
$ 33.00 USD
Avatar October 11, 2016
Janmat Malla
$ 100.00 USD
Avatar October 05, 2016
Meera Gurung
$ 20.00 USD