Chance to Study in Australia

by Lorraine Grijaldo

  • Chance to Study in Australia

About the Project

Hello World! My name is Lorraine Grijaldo, 31 years old. I lived in the Philippines. I am currently working online, part-time as a virtual assistant. I am writing because I am seeking for financial assistance in supporting myself to study in Australia

This is actually my first time to ask sponsorship online and I truly believe that I could find kind people out there with a big heart, who can help me or who are willing to share a small piece of their wealth as I am really looking forward to achieve this goal. 

Let me tell you about my story and the reason why I am raising this fund. I am actually applying for an international course in business management in Australia. Having this one of a kind opportunity is truly a privilege for me but paying the whole process for me to go there is kinda heavy and difficult to resolve. After learning that I have to pay ₱350,000 ($7,778 USD) inclusive all fees from registration to visa processing, health insurance and tuition, I felt a little doubt about myself that I can't make it but there's a piece of desire that I shouldn't and should continue achieving it. Then CEO Yangmali Rai contacted me on Facebook and recommended to post my story here in FundProVo and hope started to sink in me. I am now hoping and believing that you can help me. 

I’d like to ask everyone for financial support, and allow me study there and gain additional skills for my career and self improvement.

Please share this to your friends, community and family too. Any amount small or not means a lot to me already.

With all your donations, I want to reassure everyone that I will keep you posted on anything and that every donation you sent me are being used on this project and will not be put into waste. I will personally message each one of you. Let my prayers to God reach you all that He may continue to shower you more with His blessings. Please include me in your prayers too that I may able to fulfill this dream.
P.S. Please.. Please.. Please..Please help me out. This means so much to me. Thank you for your time and May the good Lord bless each one of you more and more!!! :) 


To the loving World, please let  this dream become a reality. To God Almighty, I put all my trust in You Lord. No matter what happens whether this will be successful or not, I will continue to praise You and believe in You. I will never stop dreaming. I will take more actions in reaching my dreams until the time comes that it will be mine. I love You. Amen