Working for People, not for Profit - Help Us to Serve Our Community


Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
  • Working for People, not for Profit - Help Us to Serve Our Community
  • Working for People, not for Profit - Help Us to Serve Our Community
  • Working for People, not for Profit - Help Us to Serve Our Community

About the Project

We are a grassroots non-profit community organization ATEC (Talamanca Association for Ecotourism and Conservation) which was founded more than 25 years ago by residents of the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, concerned about the possible impact and consequences of becoming a new tourist destination.

Our idea and philosophy is to secure that the biggest part of the economic benefits of the ecotourism business would stay with the local residents of Talamanca and that the original family-based economy of traditional farming and fishing can be combined with offering services to tourists.

ATEC is serving as a platform for local providers of tours, accommodations, and transportation services to the visitors of our beautiful coast, and at the same time offering training in sustainable practices in small businesses and of the natural resources while preserving the traditional cultural expressions of our indigenous and Afro-Caribbean population. We provide study programs and service projects to university groups, connecting them with unforgettable learning experiences for their course work where the economic and service benefits go to the local community.

Our NGO is (after initial international funding 25 years ago) self-sustaining by providing substantial services to our community, like photocopies and print jobs, an Internet café since many people here don’t have a computer, selling educational books about the cultural and natural history and office and school supply articles.   

But there are moments of real challenges in making ends meet, as right now when a big part of our technical office equipment, after numerous repairs, is failing and ceased to function, equipment we actually need desperately to sustain ourselves while providing services to the community.

In order to continue being able to provide the services to our communities we urgently need funds for:

1 photocopy machine  

4 desktop computers

1 laminating machine

1 receipt printing machine for the POS system


Estimated TOTAL: $US 5,000


If you like to know more about ATEC and maybe even visit and get to know our area with local guides and support small, family-run hotels, take a look at our website:

We also receive volunteers and interns who are willing to offer their skills in our ongoing projects.



Avatar October 01, 2016
Alicia Borisonik
$ 40.00 USD
Avatar September 21, 2016
$ 10.00 USD
Avatar September 17, 2016
Tina and Neil Thrussell
$ 50.00 USD
Avatar August 16, 2016
Emily Yozell
$ 25.00 USD
Avatar August 02, 2016
Victoria Baker
$ 35.00 USD
Avatar July 18, 2016
Monica Donley
$ 25.00 USD
Avatar July 18, 2016
james smith
$ 50.00 USD
Avatar July 11, 2016
Joan Dinerman
$ 50.00 USD
Avatar July 08, 2016
$ 50.00 USD
Avatar July 08, 2016
$ 100.00 USD