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  • Yang-Ward Foundation: Project 2017

About the Project

 Yang-Ward Foundation seeks to empower single women in rural areas by engaging them in revenue generating activities such as cash crop production, poultry farming and goat farming to gain financial independence. Since our inception, 22 single women have generated sustainable income through various projects that were implemented by Yang-Ward Foundation. Furthermore, 250 people have obtained access to information technology through our laptop donations to school and 1780 school children have gained access to improved quality of education. Furthermore, we are providing 4 scholarships to underprivileged girls with the profits generated from our project. While we are proud of what we have achieved so far with the help of our supporters, the sad fact is that there are thousands of single women needing our help.


To continue our work of empowering single women, we are running this campaign to raise money so we can implement one poultry farming project in Dolkaha; a district in mountion region of Nepal and two goat farming projects in Sindhuli; a hill region of Nepal.


I met Manju Sunuwar didi on 26th August 2016, when I was visiting Jiri Dolakha to oversee the progress of our projects. She lives in a small hut with two children. Manju Sunuwar didi is in her mid 30’s and works hard to feed and school two children that she is responsible for. With no source of income, she struggles to meet the needs of these children. With our support, she would like to start poultry farming so she can have a steady source of income to support herself and two children.


Our goat farming projects beneficiaries come from Sindhuli district of Nepal. Padam Kumari Tamang, a single mother of 3 children wants to start a goat - farming project with our help. Krishna Kumari Sunuwar, a single mother of three children also very excited to start a goat-farming project with our help.


We are thankful to all our supporters for their unwavering love, support and donations. Please join us in this campaign.

Please visit, www.yangward.org for our previous projects.


Yang-Ward Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the Yang-Ward Foundation in the United States are tax-exempt to the extent provided by law.



Avatar April 17, 2017
Jaron Soh
$ 100.00 USD
Avatar April 17, 2017
Dr. Edward Brent
$ 250.00 USD
Avatar April 16, 2017
Alyssa Marrero
$ 223.00 USD
Avatar April 16, 2017
Kali Wright Smith
$ 50.00 USD
Avatar April 16, 2017
Paul and Debbie Kavanaugh
$ 1,500.00 USD